Victorias Secret A/B testing

Top ecommerce vendor Victoria's Secret varies email subject lines, images, and calls-to-action.

These 2 very different e-shots were spotted by Chad White, research director at email marketing agency Smith-Harmon.

Victoria's Secret is part of Limited Brands Inc - their turnover in May 2009 including shops was $619m.

They are running a multivariate test on this email newsletter. This means that instead of just changing one element of the eshot and seeing which works best, they change several elements at the same time.

Email subject lines

They are testing at least 2 subject lines:

  • New! VS Undies Panty, FREE to the first 1000 customers. Plus, VS COTTON Bras, 2/$40. Details Inside.
  • New! VS Undies – 5/$25. Now in Stores and Online.

Split testing in email campaign

Offer and image

A leads with the bra offer (2 for $40).
B majors on the undies offer (5 for $25).

Other changes

A has the 'Angel Card' as an extra call-to-action and B has the Free Beauty Essentials in-store bonus and the Facebook link in the footer.
The Facebook link spells out some good reasons to become a Facebook fan: exclusive offers, videos, insider tips and events.
I like this last bit - if you don't want to buy this black underwear right now, then there is still some action you can take.

Analysing results

Because they have so many different things going on, it's going to be hard to learn from the test. For example the A version will not get many Facebook conversions and the B version will not drive anyone to the 'Angel Card'.

Hat tip to Chad.