AdWords: Kiwi Icons example

Boost your click-thru rates by trying different words.

Quick guide to getting more traffic from your Google AdWords campaign.

Remember that if you are paying per click, you need to pay more if you want more clicks - in other words increase your AdWords budget.

Example: "kiwi icons" campaign

Bob is running a Pay-Per-Click campaign for the keywords "Kiwi icons".

This is Bob's first ad:
Bobs ad for Kiwi Icons

To create version 2 we will copy the whole advert and change the blue headline:
Bobs 2nd ad for Kiwi Icons

Front-loading the searcher's words ("kiwi icons") usually works well.

And saying "for sale" will get clicks from buying visitors and also deter kids doing their school project.

At this point I would create a 3rd headline variant then wait for a leader to emerge. I would only change the rest of the ad after getting a good headline.

Lines 1 & 2

If your ad appears on the right of the Google page these will be 2 lines - if it appears on top they can run together into one long line.

Another ad for Kiwi Icons

You can try all sorts here - and even swap lines 1 and 2 to see what works.

Some tips that have worked for me:

  • FREE anything works well
  • Mention a price ($26) - even a high price can beat no mention
  • In stock: buyers are wary of drop-shippers

The display URL

The domain name ("") needs to exist and the advert needs to take a clicker to that domain.

But everything else - sub-domains and pages - can be different from the real destination and does not even need to exist.

Bobs best ad for Kiwi Icons

In this example the sub-domain ("Kiwi") does not need to exist and the page ("kiwi-icons") does not need to exist.

You can be creative with both or just one: try


In my own experience, page names have worked well and sub-domains have disappointed. Try both.

Final Tip For Google AdWords

Try Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Ads And See If It Works.

It's hard to read for more than a few words - but it does often work.

Managing your AdWords

Rule 1: never delete or even change any advert that has ever had any traffic. Instead you can suspend low-performers or mistakes. If you delete an ad then you delete its history which was valuable.

One simple example is your Christmas adverts - you may want them again next year or for reference.

Rule 2: create 3 variants and rotate them all. When you have enough traffic, suspend the worst and create a new contender.

This will ratchet up your click-through rates.

Saving money

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