LinkedIn Landing Pages

Show LinkedIn members a special page and get more connections.

linkedin landing page

Get more connections

People clicking through from LinkedIn are not coming to buy a $200,000 enterprise-class doo-dad. Not right away.

Today's goal is getting the LinkedIn member to connect to you. Nothing more.

You can't do this with your home page. So build a special-purpose LinkedIn Landing Page and show this to LinkedIn members.

Who comes to your linked in landing page ?

Other LinkedIn members come to this page. They've seen and possibly even read your profile and they want to see more about you and something about your company.

Remember that if the Linker wanted the "customer relations department" she would find and contact them. She'e not doing that - she's looking at you on LinkedIn.

What do you want the visitor to do ?

You want the right people to connect to you. Now.
And the wrong people to just disappear. Quickly.

The words, pictures, and layout of the page can all work towards this goal.

People connecting to People

Show a photo of yourself. Your photo can send a strong message about your personality and work-style:

  • Formal and corporate: suit and tie
  • Technical: polo shirt is good
  • Whacky: doing a headstand wearing a beach shirt...

Your written message

Your words need to continue the message about your personality and working style.

And you can mention what kind of people you want to connect with - and why. Spell it out.

Get those LinkedIn icons

View John Hyde's profile on LinkedIn← Get this one from your own promote profile page. (You have to be logged in to LinkedIn.)

← And this one from the bumper collection of LinkedIn icons.
It's also got their copyright notice which encourages you to use their logos: "As a LinkedIn member, you may use the following downloadable logos to provide or designate a link to your personal profile on the LinkedIn website..."