More action on your site

You need to be clear what you want the site visitor to do next.

Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce sites have a well-defined action: they want the site visitor to buy something.

This 'buy-now' process can be improved: the best sites convert 44% of new visitors into buyers.

What is your conversion rate ? And is it going up ?

Everyone else

If you are not selling directly on your website, you need to think about this question:

What do you want the visitor to do ?

This will usually be something like:

  • Call you by phone
  • Send you an email
  • Fill out an enquiry form and submit
  • Come into your shop / clinic / cafe / ...

You need to make it really easy for the visitor to take that next step.

Put your phone number on every page.
Put your contact form on every page.

Spell it out. Even intelligent people like things to be simple.

Make it easy

You can then look at ways to help the non-converters.

For many people, 'converting' is too big a jump from where they are.

Right now, they are anonymous and in their own space. If they convert, they are inviting you into their own pyschological territory.

At a rational level, they know and acknowledge that they can't get any further without doing this. But most of our decisions are made at a sub-conscious, emotional level.

Your site needs some stepping stones to help them on their journey. Ways they can get to know you, one step at a time.

Many of these stepping stones will help the visitor to remember you and find your site again in the future - not everyone converts in a single session.


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