Here is a quick summary of how we will optimise your website to get better results:

More Traffic

Many sites will get better results by just getting more visitors. Together we will use a mixture of these techniques:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This means people finding your site using Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.
Many sites just need a few simple changes to get much more traffic from search engines. Highly competitive sectors need more advanced tactics.
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Pay per click (PPC) traffic

This is paying Google and others to advertise your site on their results pages. If a new customer is worth $200 to you, then paying $1 to get her to visit your site makes sense.

Other ways to get traffic...

These include:

  • Adverts on other websites
  • Offline adverts - eg newspapers, radio
  • Trade directories

Offline sources of traffic are great when you have saturated the online sources - but also because people's brains are working differently when they are not online.

Better conversion rates

Once you get a visitor on your site, you need her to do something:

  • Buy your product
  • Call your number
  • Come to your shop
  • Complete an enquiry form

The jargon for this is "converting". The percentage of site visitors who take the next step is your conversion rate. The average for e-commerce sites is 2-3% and the best claim as much as 44%.

Whatever results you are achieving now, together we can improve your conversion rate, using a mixture of:

  • A/B split testing
  • Usability testing
  • Best practice
  • Continuous improvement

Next step...

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